JEPHOS communal space

To allow guests to meet up when they are staying in different gites, it is necessary to rent the communal dining room and kitchen JEPHOS when there are more than 22 people in a group.
Depending on its layout, the JEPHOS dining room has:
48 seats divided into 6 tables of 8 guests
40 seats divided into 4 tables of 10 guests or 2 tables of 20 guests
36 places in a U-shaped organization.

The JEPHOS “professional” kitchen is equipped with :

1 cooking stove with 5 gas burners, 1 electric oven and 1 “gastro norm” heater
1 “gastro standard” refrigerated cabinet
1 freezer
1 microwave oven
1 professional dishwasher
1 sink
1 percolator, 1 kettle, 1 toaster
Kitchen utensils: Dutch oven, pots, pans, colanders…
Crockery for 50 guests

The outdoor terrace is a useful extension for meetings when the weather is pleasant.

N.B. To avoid any nuisance between the JEPATAN gîte and the JEPHOS communal area, these two spaces can only be rented simultaneously by the same users.